• CATS will negotiate appointments and times of therapy with the family and/or the client.
  • CATS will provide a contact telephone number and e-mail address in case it is necessary to change or cancel appointments
  • Compliance with the 48 hr cancellation policy: All appointments cancelled within 48 hrs prior to the appointment will be charged at the full rate.
  • If the client fails to attend a booked sessions it will be taken from the allocated and agreed, six sessions.
  • An appointment may be re-arranged with 48 hrs notice.
  • CATS will provide written reports every six sessions. There will be a final report at the agreed completion of the therapeutic contract.
  • All clients will comply with the assessment criteria, any therapeutic interventions and pre and post outcome measures that are seen as part of the therapeutic work.
  • All interventions carried out by CATS are subject to evaluation through professional review to ensure the highest clinical standards. Outcome evaluation is considered good practice and helps us to maintain a quality and excellence service to all our clients.

“CATS has been established with the aim of providing benefit to children and young people who are vulnerable by virtue of their social, emotional and developmental needs”.