Our Fees

At CATS we believe that every family should be able to access the support they need, when they need it and at a price they can afford. In line with this, we endeavour to see all new clients within four weeks of first contact and are usually able to offer telephone sessions within the next 24 hours. A guide to the fees charged is set out below:

Initial Clinical Assessment - child, adolescent, individual or family (non-legal):

An initial meeting to discuss the issues and agree of a plan of action. Clinical assessment appointments last around 90 minutes, and work to ensure that the psychologist or paediatrician obtains a clear understanding of a family's situation and difficulties. Our fee includes an assessment report which will be used as a road map for our intervention. 

£175 per initial assessment

On-going therapy sessions - child, adolescent, individual or family:

Following a clinical assessment, families may continue to work with their therapist on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Depending on their situation and the difficulties brought to session, families may choose to attend for anything from a single session to many sessions spread over a longer period of time, although the usual is between 6 and 10 individual sessions. Sessions last 55 minutes. 

£95 per session - Clinical Psychologist and Paediatrician

£70 per session - Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist and Play and Art Therapists

Full Autism MDT Diagnostic Assessments

An Initial Assessment is required to screen for ASC traits and evaluate whether a full assessment would be helpful. We recognise that some children come to us already having started an assessment. This will impact on pricing. A full assessment would take place over 4-5 appointments followed by a final feedback session and diagnostic report with detailed guidance and recommendations for support.
£925 - £1225 for a preschool child (depending on initial assessment).

£1225 - £1425 for a school aged child/young person (depending on initial assessment).

ADD/ADHD MDT Diagnostic Assessments – child/young person:

An initial assessment is required to screen for ADD/ADHD traits and evaluate whether a full assessment would be helpful. A full assessment would take place over 2-3 appointments. In the case of children, the school would be contacted, and an observation completed. On conclusion of the assessment, a  final feedback session will be arranged with a diagnostic report and detailed guidance and recommendations for support including consideration of medication if appropriate. 

£625 - £825 for a child/ young person (depending on initial assessment).


School age Occupational Therapy and Sensory Assessment 

This will include a clinic-based assessment, school observation and report. 

£390 per assessment


Pre-school Occupational Therapy and Sensory Assessment 

Usually this will be clinic based with report or if appropriate a home visit with report.

£260 per assessment


Legal Assessments and Reports:

Legal Aid Expert Witness Services (Full Psychological Assessments/ Capacity Assessments/ Cognitive Assessments/ Court of Protection/ Family Assessments) 

We work to the standard Legal Aid rates plus travel.


For Medico Legal Negligence and Trauma Reports assessing Clinical Need for Civil or Criminal Negligence matters visit our Medico Legal page under 'Our Services'. 

Our hourly rates are £150 per hour plus travel. 


Telephone, Skype Remote Session:

We recognise that there may be times when families need advice or support but do not want to travel. In this case, we offer a telephone and skype support service, allowing families to call to discuss their questions with the therapist. These are charged at quarter hour rates of:

£20 per quarter hour


Attendance at meetings, additional reports, letters and prescriptions

These are charged at quarter hour rates of:

£20 per quarter hour


We are more than happy to arrange training days and refresh workshops tailored around certain psychological issues for teachers and Other professionals. Please call us for a quotation.


Please contact us for our CV's and to book a date. 

Support for Schools, Foster Agencies, Children's Homes/ Staff Training & Clinical Supervision

Our adhoc consultancy rates are £100 per hour plus travel. However, we also offer very competitive package day rates which are negotiable depending on your service’s needs.



Travel is charged at £40 per hour and £0.45 per mile.




“CATS has been established with the aim of providing benefit to children and young people who are vulnerable by virtue of their social, emotional and developmental needs”.